Drupal Europe 2018 - Open Source E-commerce solutions : Stop to compare, start to analyze

As expected, here is the conference about Open Source E-commerce solutions that Mathieu Le Cain gave during Drupal Europe at Darmstadt

Open-Source Ecommerce solutions are mostly compared based on how many sites use them and how many plug and play modules are available.

But in many concrete cases these parameters are not relevant to compare solutions.

Catalog size, specific functional aspects, front-end customization, IT systems integration, deployment management, community, solution roadmap and many other factors may be much more reliable.

During this session I intended to build a big picture, understandable by anyone, by presenting these solutions with statistics from different perspectives: developer, advertiser and M2M.

Then, I pointed some technical aspects of each solution and correlate them to usage statistics such as lifetime, visitors, type of products, customization possibilities, number of minor releases, shared libraries, industry, N-tiers architecture...

Finally, I was more specifically about Drupal Commerce position in this world of solutions and its perspectives regarding its past, current and upcoming context.